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    is it possible to have an animated gif as a treo's phone-application wallpaper? i'm using a sprint 650.

    i'm thinking not, because the treo (ie: photos&videos app.) won't show anything but the animated gif's first frame (blazer shows the whole thing though), but i thought i'd ask anyway just in case there was a 3rd party application that made it possible.

    thanks in advance!
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    why not just try it?
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    i have, but all it will show is the first frame. the treo doesn't support animated gifs natively. that's why i wondered if anyone else had found a solution somewhere else (3rd party?). i googled but didn't have any luck.
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    okay, i get you. rescoview for example can display animated gifs, but cannot take over the wallpaper function. the next treos will surely have flash, so it a matter of time that we can create our own personal user interfaces and themes. autumn is coming and so is the new treo. lets hope summer passes quickly.

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