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    hello, how does one upload a midi file for use as a ringtone? i try using the "add media" in palm desktop and it fails. do i have to transfer to a memory card? i have converted a few mp3's to midi and would like to choose them as ringtones. TIA
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    See the Palm support pages. Specifically the item - Add Midi Ringones which covers the following methods...

    * Download from a web page:
    * Email it to yourself:
    * Send it via Bluetooth wireless technology:
    * Send it via infrared (IR):
    * Copy it to an SD expansion card:
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    hey thanks. what i ended up doing was buying a 256mb SD card, I can edit my own songs with nero wave/mp3 editor, then quick install them onto the card, and a free app called minitones makes them available to the sound schemes. thanks again

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