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    I would like to use the palm desktop for everything but the calendar. I would like to sync with outlook for just the calendar. Is this possible?

    My primary syncing is at home with my personal desktop PC. I really donít use the calendar function for home appointments.

    At work everyone exclusively uses outlook to set up meetings and it sure would be nice to suck this into my palm calendar.

    I recently installed the palm desktop and like to have my personal contacts and todo syncís to my PC at work so I can occasionally look up friends from my work PC. It looks like I could load the Microsoft Conduits but it looks like an all or nothing. I canít choose just the calendar to use the Microsoft conduits. Any Ideas?

    I own a palm Treo 700P.
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    When I installed the cd for my 650, I installed both conduits for outlook and the palm desktop. Every so often I sync the calendar of outlook with my treo, but I haven't figured out a way to sync to both programs at the same time and choose the which features sync up with each program.

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