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    I'm a long time Samsung SPH i500 user - the fllip phone with Palm OS from Sprint.

    It's the easiest to call up a contact one handed. Press a telephone dial pad key and contacts beginning with the alpha letter entered are listed in TWO columns: left side are names, right side are primary telephone numbers assigned to each. You can see 11 contacts at a time.

    With a 755p (or any Treo w/ Palm OS) the contacts come up in one column serially showing every number for that partricular contact. The result is that no more than three contacts can be displayed at a time. For someone like me who has about one thousand contacts loaded up, that calls for a lot of thumb pressing and scrolling to get to the intended contact.

    Any 3rd party apps out there that will change the way I can view contacts on the treo and change the view to a two-column view with main telephone numbers only?

    I'm not sure if I would have the same problem with the Treo WinMob phones.
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    Like the Samsung, as you enter letters for the name you want to call Treo contacts list homes in on the name. For me, usually one or two letters is all I need to have the contact I want on screen.
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    I find first initial and last name usually nets me the person I'm looking for in about 3 letters. I'm not sure if that will help you or not.
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    to the original poster - see, here's the thing - with that Samsung phone, since you didn't have a qwert keyboard on it, you were used to doing a lot of scrolling, a page at a time, or whatever, to get to contacts. With the Treo (any of them - Palm OS or WM), you search by letter. Some examples:

    (Palm OS)
    Say I want to call Bob Johnson - when I'm in the contacts, I just press BJ (easy there now) - and all the people with first name B and last name J show up to me. If I want to narrow my results, go with B-J-O. Press those three letters and he'll be there. No scrolling, nothing.

    Don't worry about how many contacts you see on a page - that's irrelevent. Just hit two or three letters, and the contact you want will be RIGHT THERE.

    For WM - same concept, but you have to hit <space bar> in between first initial and last.

    And then finally, you can also make some changes to the Phone app that will make your contact lookup process EVEN EASIER. In the Phone app:

    Menu button
    Phone Display Options
    Change the second drop down to 'Typing Starts Contact Search'
    and then you might as well get rid of the dial pad, since you won't be using it:
    Change the top drop down to 'Show wallpaper' and put some cool pic in there like your Harley or dog or whatever.

    And then move around your default Favorites, to get rid of the 'Contacts' favorite. You won't need it, since all you need to do, to call people, from the Phone app, is hit two or three letters - see what I'm saying - you won't NEED to go into 'contacts'. Got it?

    So much faster. No scrolling or button presses - just fast and simple contact lookup, withOUT even having to go into 'Contacts'.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

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