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    ... I want more innovation.

    how about a little one-upsmanship and come out with a ...

    WARNING!!! Check your URL. This one has "treo" in the name, and discusses Treo branded speculation. Your comments give evidence that you believe you are somewhere else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishera View Post
    Personally I find it stupid to stick a CDMA and GSM chipset in one phone... what is the advantage? If you want to roam internationaly, buy a GSM handset and get it over with!
    I was just traveling in Japan last week. No GSM networks to speak of. Would have been great to have a GSM + CDMA combo. I believe the same is true for South Korea.
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    I've loved the PalmOS for a long time but it looks like Windows Mobile is going to win out for the long haul. Its going to support the stuff I want sooner than PalmOS. I've run with the 650 for almost two years now and its been great, but its time to hang it up soon. And the 755p is not a suitable replacement. I need Bluetooth 2.0+EDR with A2DP and I need an Ajax powered browser (hello Opera 9 mobile). Wi-Fi would be nice but not a necessity. I would be all over built-in GPS though. I love threaded SMS too. Only Palm has it, dang it. I'm tied to them.
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    the palm threaded sms app works great on my 6800...
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic View Post
    RUmors are that Sprint actually decide to pass over on the "800p" and is planning on leveraging on WM for future Treo growth... Unsure if this is true though...
    What can Palm possibly do to the 755p in order to add feature to it? It's a dead OS, with very few chance of supporting EVDO ver.A and there is no upgrade path. I wouldn't picked up a potential 800p if I am Sprint either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jw68 View Post
    That 800w better not be just a 750w with WM6 and a 320x320 screen. I want more innovation.
    I am waiting for a new WM Treo before deciding on whether to jump ship to a Mogul so hopefully Palm won't disappoint me since I really like the one handed friendliness of my 700wx over the Mogul's Slider.
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    So it is the 5th today, what panned out and got released?
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    Be sure to check out SmartDeviceResource!

    Device Timeline: Palm III → RIM 950 → RIM 957 → Tungsten W → Kyocera 7135 → Treo 600 → Treo 650 → Treo 700p → Treo 755p & 800w → Treo 755p & Pro
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishera View Post
    I think a Treo with both CDMA and GSM technologies is VERY unlikely. Palm will boost GSM Treo's in the future if the CDMA carriers are advertising world use. Personaly, I find it stupid to stick a CDMA and GSM chipset in one phone... what is the advantage? If you want to roam internationaly, buy a GSM handset and get it over with!
    For one, not everybody is a customer to a carier utilizing GSM so having an option is good for CDMA network customers. People with Sprint and Verizon shouldn't have to jump ship and get it over with. Doing so would mean leaving their preferred carrier to have a GSM handset. Anyways, I would love to see Treo's with both capabilities...IMHO, I find CDMA to be the superior technologicaly of the two.

    CDMA: Both data and voice are separated from signals using codes and then transmited using a wide frequency range. Because of this, there are more space left for data transfer (this was one of the reasons why CDMA is the prefered technology for the 3G generation, which is broadband access and the use of big multimedia messages). 14% of the worldwide market goes to CDMA. For the 3G generation CDMA uses 1x EV-DO and EV-DV. It has a lot of users in Asia, specially in South Korea.

    GSM: Even though it is sold as "the latest technology" in several countries, this technology is older than CDMA (and also TDMA).
    at&t iPhone3G
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    Wait so now the I760, the 6800 and the 755P will come out in September? What about the 800w? Same time still frame or moved back? What about the S720 is that still for this month or moved backed?
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