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    Maybe others have seen/posted this but could this be the next view of the treo os??
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    yes. This was what we all hoped for..but the good news is that Palm licensed the Garnet OS a while ago and we are now hoping that PALM will come out with a Linux based OS with a Garnet compatible layer.
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    That's Access' idea for a new OS and it is old news. It is doubtful that Palm will license it.
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    I've heard/read somewhere that Palm will have there own flavor of linux on future phones. From what I've seen, If ALP does come out it wont be on Treos.
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    Maybe the OS that runs on the Foleo will be loaded onto future Treos?
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    No next gen Palm device will run APL . They spent too much money to have control over Garnet so they can layer it. They have there own Linux OS cooked up
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