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    EDGE vs HSDPA , EVDO I know there isn't much comparison on paper. Well, for the most part EDGE is usable, I haven't had too many frustrating expereinces with it.
    Sling works decently on my Treo 680 on Tmobile, I watch a few baseball games, stuff from my DVR and loose myself in the History channel.
    One thing that does seem to "kill" my data speeds is Kinoma Player.

    I try watching Youtube vidz, stream audio media from Kinoma's long list of choices and so on. But, Kinoma just doesn't comply, it seems choppy and slow.

    This morning, I was trying to watch the smartphones show on my treo. The downloads speeds are painful and video is choppy.
    I'd like to see how you Sprint, Verizon and Cingular customers do using the same link

    Kinoma Started right up for me. But to actually stream the 9 min 23 sec show, takes 35+ mins and counting. That time includes downloading it too.

    I am wondering is it the Device, Device and Carrier or the Carrier.
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