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    I need my phone to continuously, or at least every 30 secs or so to a minute, tell me if I have voicemail. I've missed a few because I was taking a shower and the phone was sitting in another room, and I never knew I had missed a call and got a voicemail. I assume it beeped once and thats it. Any way to make it beep regularly until I cancel it?

    Phone is a Palm 755 with Sprint.
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    I recommend Butler.
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    I'd be willin to try it, but does the phone offer any way to do this without third party software? Seems pretty basic my old phones did it.
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    I don't believe so, no.
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    I 2nd the Butler recomendation.
    Butler does a great job of this, you an set what ringtone you want to use for it to remind you, and you can set the length of time between the alerts.
    i.e. - you can have it beep every minute after you recieve voicemail / missed calls, or set it for every 10 minutes, 15, etc.
    You can also have butler turn on the green / red led light in the top left cornerr when you have voicemail. that way you have a visual, and audio signal letting you know. Between the 2 of them, you'll never miss a call / voicemail again.
    It's one of my "must have" apps. , it does a ton of cool stuff. try out the free trial, I think you find it does what you want.

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