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    So I had been using a PPC-6700 for about 7 months without a problem, which I hear is a miracle But then it developed a bad touchscreen. Sprint swapped it out for a Treo WX under insurance. I am not sure I like it so far. I have a had trouble pulling my GMail down, syncing with Outlook, and I reset at least once a day. I called Sprint and they can swap for a 700p or I can keep the WX... I asked about the 755p and they said no... What should I do? Is the 700p problematic?
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    do a search about the problems with both devices......My company has the 700w and just swapped all of them out for the 6700, and those that have had the 6700 like you have not had problems until recently. I prefer the palm os, but the wx is probably more stable and will be more familiar to you than the palm device. However, the 700p is having a sprint update (not for verizon) that is supposed to cure all the problems and have it act like a 755p.

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