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    Here is the question. I have a Treo 600. I don't use it for the phone function anymore just for all the other applications. I want to get another palm device. If I get another Treo 600 and give it the same Hotsync name, and hotsync the same programs onto it, could I be able to switch back and forth for like the calendar function?

    Is anyone following me? I basically want two palm devices and to use the calendars on each, hotsync, then be able to get the new info off the calendar. Kind of sharing the calendar.


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    I'm not sure about it if you're syncing two 600s to the same computer. I know I've tried to sync a 650 and 680 with the same hot sync ID to the same computer and the Palm Desktop doesn't allow it. It's possible that the desktop wouldn't see the difference between the two 600s, though.

    I'm curious why you wouldn't get a newer model Treo?
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    I would get a Treo 600 for the same reason that it didn't work for you with the 650 and 680.

    I want two treos and I only want it for the calendar and other programs. My wife and I have busy schedules and I want to hotsync them every night so we both know our schedules and alarms.

    Plus I can get a 600 off ebay for a lot cheaper than a newer one. I don't want to spend to much money.
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    so your calendars are merged? If not then just have 2 hotsync names.

    What Im getting at is if its not manditory that you guys share the same calendar than 2 user names is the best way to go.

    You can always manipulate the data by copy/paste inside your actual username folders in C/Program Files/Palm/*username* etc and copy the items you for sure want to share (Im thinking contacts mostly)

    Does that help?
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    The calendar sharing is the most important thing. Not so much the contacts. We have a lot of Doctor appointments and other schedules that it seems at times it is hard for us both to remember. I try and keep everything in my Treo so to keep better organized but we keep havinng times when things aren't written down. Neither of us have a good memory and that is what it is mainly for.

    This way we can both kind of keep track while we are seperated due to work. Then hotsync at night to update the calendars.
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    you could also beam tomorrows calendar to each other via infared?
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    I have not heard of the livepim, thank you so much. If it works as good as it says it is exactly what I am looking for.

    Has anyone actually used this?
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    mj - did you try it? did it work? I'm trying to find an alternative to clearsync...

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