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    Before new up date how do I back up the 700p?

    My sound dump - but I never done this
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    BackupBuddy will do it for you. It will backup literally everything on your Palm and SD memory card. Then if the updates glitches all you have to do is perform a "hard" reset. When you go to sync after the hard reset, Backup Buddy recognizes that you lost everything and asks if you want to do a "restore." You say "yes" and wait till it's done. It replaces everything, you have to do nothing else. All programs, data, etc... are put back to normal.
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    Thank you very much
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    Make sure backupbuddy backs up your pics and videos. most b/u apps don't.
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    If you have an SD card, I suggest a device based backup solution first instead of a desktop based solution.

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    BackupBuddy does all that. You can even backup all your data onto the SD Card if you want.

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