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    Hi I installed Palm Desktop 4.2 from the Sprint Treo installation CD.

    I'm running Windows Vista and each time I click on QuickInstall, the program crashes.

    Palm's web site mentioned that QuickInstall is not compatable with Vista but then how do I install new programs?
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    Look in the Palm Sync forum.....
    Install the cd by right clicking on it and doing a "run as win xp" Something to that effect. Also, if its just the prc file copy it to your memory card and install it from there, unless it needs to install some desktop components. Thats what I have been doing on my vista machine.
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    Right click on your .prc then go to "open with" browse and choose the "instapp" set this as the default program.
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    Thank ye's
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    I send the file via bluetooth from my pc to the handheld.
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    same here
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    Unfortunately, my bluetooth dongle doesn't work with vista and Kensington isn't devloping a vista driver.

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