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    I have two palm treo 700w and I noticed that on one, the word "Palm" on the upper left corner of the phone is larger than on the other 700. Does anyone know why this is? Is there any difference in the two phones? Or is this just possibly a case where the two phones where made in different factories?

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    on screen or the body itself?
    maybe on is a refurb?
    probably made in different factories.
    I have seen this on other phones from Verizon Wireless.
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    Its is on the phone itself, not on the screen.
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    Maybe you have a Treo 700pi
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    both say 700w
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    Any other thoughts from anyone???
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    The one with the smaller "Palm" is actually Chinese counterfit. If you look closer it says "700vv" instead of "700w".

    I hope you can detect the sarcasm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7 View Post
    The one with the smaller "Palm" is actually Chinese counterfit. If you look closer it says "700vv" instead of "700w".
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    I think the smaller palm was originally for the Verizon 700w. I have a demo phone for Verizon and it has the smaller palm lettering. My Sprint 700p is larger. Hardware wise I dont think there is a difference so I wouldnt worry about it.
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    You know what they say about big palms.
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    Did we really needed a thread for this :0 ??
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    Have you gone into the phone app and tapped "phone info" and checked the hardware version?
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    it might have something to do with Palm changing their name and logo from palm one back to palm or whatever, i cant keep up with their crazy decisions.
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    Well, it actually could be important....I realize this is a W, but if you've been following the P saga, a definite percentage of 700P's are perfectly functional, don't have lag, and have decent Bluetooth. I know because I have one. Others reset without any other programs. I've been postulating for a while that it had to be differences in hardware, like chipsets, possibly differing based on where the unit was manufactured, etc. This is the only possible explanation for the variability, but as far as I know nobody has tried to systematically figure out where these devices are made and if the performance varied by location, they'd rather just *****. With the ROM upgrade coming out, hopefully it won't make any difference, but I still think that is the best explanation for the 700P catastrophe.

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