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    Anyone switch to the 755p from a 680?
    I'm trying to c if the upgrade is worth it, if I should wait to c what Palms new release is (hawkins device).
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    Just wait my friend, trust me on this one.
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    I actually switched.
    So far it has been worth it.
    Does not lag and feels more stable. Also the high speed is pretty sweet
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    I'm trying....... but those EVDO speeds sure r tempting.
    I swear everytime I go in a Sprint store Tmobile EDGE speed hits 200k. on slingplayer. But just for a day or 2
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    antoine -

    you know something...come on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Antoine of MMM View Post
    Just wait my friend, trust me on this one.
    Spill the goods brotha
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    if you want it don't wait.

    i have a feeling the Hawkins device is not at all what you are thinking.

    that said, there HAS to be a thinner treo on the way at some point.
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    What knoweth you, antonne?
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    At least you know with the 755 the pros & cons, with a new first generation device, you will have no idea till everyone on here starts posting thier gripes and waiting for a patch or update. But guys like me need the early adopters of new technology it makes my decisions easier and cheaper.

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