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    Is there a URL for viewing the TreoCentral web fora in a format friendlier to Blazer? I don't want a flat text display, but don't want all the images or placeholders, either. MTDN seems much easier to read, in this regard. Am I ignorant about possible display settings?
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    isn't the same thing, even shorter?
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    Son of a !#!$!#%^&#&^* Wish I had knew that earlier lol
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    Also, for forums that are powered by vBulletin (you can usually check at the bottom of the page), somewhere in the forum there should be a link to Archive. Click Archive and you should be able to view the forum in a text format. Oh yes, once you click Archive you'll notice that the posts are all old, to change that, click PDA (usually a link on the top right).

    Perfect for PIE or Opera Mobile.

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