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    Okay, I have tried to review past threads and reviews and still feel like an *****. I have a palm PDA but have been coveting a treo for the past year. Just can't justify buying one outright with all of my other expenses but still want it. I think my current contract is up soon and plan to use advice from the boards to negotiate better deal with sprint on the 755p. But still would welcome any advice.

    My main question is more on the service, namely sprint right now. So if i can swing an affordable deal on the phone, what kind of service do I need with a treo? I currently have shared plan with my husband with unlimited vision. We had unlimited texting, but they took that away sometime this past year. Do you need special plan? Special add ons? to make full use of the treo's capabilities?

    I am not very tech savvy. And have no history with using cell for much more than calls and checking out a few websites via Vision. So I want to do email, view websites for functional things like directions, maps, shopping, ebay, information, text messaging, etc. So does upgrading phone to a treo guarantee these things or am I looking at increased monthly fees?

    Another mom at the Y has a blackberry and sends emails constantly from her blackberry, with file attachments. And she does this from whereever she happens to be, even Israel. I'd love to be able to communicate like I do with my computer wherever I am via my cell (not that I need to communicate from other country's ever!
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    There is another thread called "How much did your 755p cost?" should check it out if you are currently with Sprint. You might be able to get a great deal for the phone.

    As far as service goes, I think you will need Power vision to get high speed access. I'm sure someone here can confirm it. We pay $5 for my wife's Vision Premium Pack (she has a Treo 650 right now) and $25 on my line for Vision Ultimate Pack. Once her 755P arrives next week I will see how much we will have to pay.

    The Sprint Power Vision Ultimate Pack includes the following features on the mobile broadband network:

    Sprint Music Premier - $.99 Music Track Downloads; 50 radio channels, including Top 20 Hits, Hip Hop/R&B 70s, 80s, 90s, grunge and dance hits; full-length music videos and Power View Music with exclusive video and artist interviews.

    Sprint TV Premier - Up to 20 more channels than Sprint TV offers, including live TV, national network channels and children's programming. Sprint TV channels include the NFL Network, The Weather Channel, Fox Sports, E!, CNN and

    Power View TV - exclusive programs on music, sports and celebrity gossip.

    Unlimited Sprint Navigation - Dodge traffic, find the nearest restaurants or lowest gas prices. See your progress on a moving map with spoken turn-by-turn driving directions.

    Unlimited Data Access

    Sprint Mobile Email - Access multiple email accounts in one place, including AOL, Windows Live and Yahoo! You can also add other POP and IMAP email accounts.

    Picture Mail - Shoot and send an unlimited number of video clips with sound. Take, upload and send an unlimited number of pictures.

    Unlimited Web Browsing - Access popular Web sites such as: CNN®, ESPN®, USA Today®, The Weather Channel® and more.

    On Demand - Set and then receive customized, up-to-date information on sports, weather, news, money, and movies.

    NFL Mobile - Follow your favorite team on the field LIVE with NFL Mobile Gamecenter, sign up for customizable team and player alerts, access live team and player stats from around the league, track your fantasy team and more. Just text "NFL" to 7777 on your Sprint Nextel phone for download instructions.
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