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    It's easy to pick on 18yr olds because now that we are old, we forgot what it was like!
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    well its all paid for except books, which will cost a lot, but my grandpa gave me money for that. which im saving for college.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ktm97 View Post
    It's easy to pick on 18yr olds because now that we are old, we forgot what it was like!
    Oh yes...the good old days.

    - I remember mowing lawns when the new Dr. J Converse came out and I "needed them" to play basketball.
    - I remember painting houses when the new Magic Johnson Converse came out and I "needed them" to play basketball.
    - I remember helping one of my neighbors who was a welder during the summer so I could get a new baseball glove just like the one that Darryl Strawberry used. Again...because I "needed it".

    And all this before my 17th birthday...yep, while going to school full time.
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    yeah, pretty sure shoes aren't $600, could be wrong though. and i wish i could mow lawns still, but every single person down here has a lawn service. i don't understand it. where my friend lives, he makes a ton off lawns. but now im back to my $7.25 an hour job, which is like $250 a week. but i should be getting a raise.
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    Most people on this thread are here to criticize and offer no help what so ever. Anyway, to the OP, I do feel your pain.

    I do know you want the SERO plan, I do know you want the 755p. But I don't know what your current plan is like. If you're on a family plan with shared minutes then there's no hope. But if you have separate line but it's under your parent's name then you might be able to do something about it.

    It sounds like you are still under contract. I think that you will have change your plan first then try to get the phone second. Changing your plan to SERO will not extend your current contract, Sprint allow its users to upgrade and downgrade plans w/o having an effect on the contract expiration date. Here's a thread that might be helpful.
    How to Obtain SERO. You might have to register to be able to view their thread.

    The second thing you need to do is to get the 755p for cheaper than retail price. I've summarized the many discounts that user's have been receiving, but again some of those discounts are very situational. So I would recommend you reading the rest of the thread to see where you would fit in. Trying to get the 755p for cheaper will definitely require a 2 year contract.
    How much did your Treo 755p cost?

    If you can get both things done at the same time then all the power to you. But be prepare to spend some time on the phone. You have to be persistent and call back if the rep cannot offer you what you want.

    I still have 1 year left on my contract, I wanted a 755p for cheaper than retail price, I already have SERO. Called telesales but no help, so I ended up calling retention and threaten to cancel my contract. They offered $150 credit + 100 mail in rebate. So I ended up paying $330 for the phone. But do read the "How much did your Treo 755p cost?" thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akula34 View Post
    If I had an 18 year old still sitting around the house not doing anything, I'd kick him out. But then again, my parents taught me responsibility and independence. When I wanted a cell phone, I bought it myself and paid for the bill. I hope you can work it out. Treos are great fun and very useful. I personally think that you should be saving that $500 for college. But then again, most Americans would agree with you. Why else would our country and it's citizens be in so much government and personal debt.
    Don't be hatin' Everyone has a when I was 18 story. Talk to your father and he probably thought you were a joke at 18. He was probably being shot at in a war he volunteered for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dslisfree View Post
    Called telesales but no help, so I ended up calling retention and threaten to cancel my contract. They offered $150 credit + 100 mail in rebate.
    Never underestimate the power of threatening to go to another carrier. Back when I had Alltel, I wanted the V60 and they wouldn't give it to me for free. AT&T offered it for free with a new contract. I threatened to move over to AT&T, they ended up giving it to me for free and throwing in a free month of service as well. That was before my Alltel Kyocera 7135 and my now Cingular Treo 650.
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    Yeah, retentions is the best route. Also, if you get a new phone and they make you sign a new contract, the contact only applies to that line, so your mom, sister, and dad can leave for T-Mobile if they want whenever their contracts are over. Just call up Sprint, tell the automated system you want to cancel, and that will transfer you to retentions. Don't just flat out tell them you're going to cancel, because some of them will tell you to have a good day, hang up, and 5 minutes later, you can't use your cell phone anymore, and you owe Sprint $200. Phrase it in a way that makes it seem like you are attracted to other offers, but you're giving Sprint a chance to try to make you happy. I usually just say..."I was taking a look at some offers from other carriers, but before I go and sign a contract with them, I wanted to see what Sprint could do for me". Also, if you're a long-time customer, mention that and mention how well Sprint has treated you over the years (unless they've really treated you pretty badly, which you can use as leverage). If you're plan is a high-cost plan, they'll be more lenient. If you're almost done with your contract, even more leverage (you should be okay with your October date, depending on which rep you get). More years with Sprint, more leverage. Do your research, and plan out what you're going to say. About half the reps do their job right, and will call you on your bluffs, so it's better if you're not bluffing about a deal that some other carrier is offering. A little stretching of the truth here and there is acceptable, but don't tell them Verizon is offering a phone for free when it really costs $300.

    Trust me, I've done this a lot, and it's gotten me some pretty nice deals. I'm only 17, so don't let your age discourage you. Of course, if your parents are strict, get their permission to sign the contract and all, and agree to pay for the plan if it does end up going up and your parents don't want to pay for it. I got an a900 for free (that was when it had just come out and was selling for $200 with contract), I got unlimited texts for a pretty sweet price, and free internet along with a whole redesigned plan that had more minutes for a lower price. I tried to get a PDA phone for free, but gave up after a few calls because I didn't care that much about it. They gave me some good offers, but I didn't have any money back then, so I had to pass them up. Anyway, if you're careful about how you do it, retentions can really help you out. You should be able to get the phone for about $300 or so, and free internet shouldn't be too much of a hassle, either.

    Oh, by the way, if you do get the internet, don't go for the higher priced plans unless you need the TV or something. The $15 package will get you unlimited access to the net, so if that's all you need, that's all you should get. Sprint's plans for internet are a lot cheaper than the other carriers, though. My cousin pays like $45 for Verizon, which is insane to me.
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    BTW, keep us updated on your status if you can.
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