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    The link is

    The full version is expensive ($50) but it seems to be the most full featured locking device/phone software--it does not appear that mSafe allows you to lock your phone, just your data.

    I have been thinking about this more and more and will probably get some type of security software.

    Any recommendations?


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    I tried it, but I don't remember it being that much. I think I was looking at a lower version.

    Anyway, it was great. Never had it crash or anything. I'm not sure why I decided not to purchase it. I think because the benefit didn't outweigh the costs. All they'd take is some music files and my budget (I keep it on there, as a backup, it's a pain in the **** to recreate).

    But if it's something you think you need, go for it, maybe look at a lower version. It's stable, feature rich, and, honestly, the best security program I tried, and I think I tried them all.

    They're also quick on tech. support.
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    You can check out my review of it. I like being able to set it the way I want without being cumbersome to keep entering passwords every time I power on.
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