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    PalmOS is one of the few major platforms which does not have a current Adobe Flash of Flash Lite client. This is a huge letdown for those who want to view web content, videos and games. The only existing client only supports up to Flash version 5 and is almost six years old. It does not support online Flash content, videos or the current versions of action script.

    Please help change this by signing this simple but important petition.
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    I'm #1,148
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    I'm #1152! But what is this going to do? Isnt Palm responsible for empowering the OS to handle this? Or a programmer to create some software..?
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    This petition is to Palm, asking them to make an app. that can use flash. Sometimes these things work, sometimes they don't.
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    Cool! Well, we see how BobC's letter turned out! Lets hope for the best!
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    i strongly hope and also am pretty confident that the next palm treo will have flash. if palm knows the market and its users' wishes, then there's no reason for flash not to take place in the next treos unless the next OS is as weak as the present one. if the next palm os doesn#t support flash, i will seriously have to start looking around for other devices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo View Post
    Lack of Flash is the MAIN reason that my next PDA phone will NOT be Palm-based. I don't love Windows Mobile, but I need the WHOLE internet!
    ME TOO
    Well it's one of the main reasons
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    i am 1238.
    I touched on this on my blog too
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    i have recently been playing around with flash phones and although they would never replace my treo, they are a lot of fun. what really is enjoyable is that you can create your own flash content to design your phone for yourself. flash enablement will make the treo a killer device.
    i cant wait.
    it's gonna happen. i know it.
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    I think flash is capable in ALP... but oh well, Palm ain't gettin that. If the new Linux powered Palm OS is linux powered like they said, won't it be "capable" of running flash?

    I dont think Palm OS 5 Garnet is capable of running Flash period...
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    Yeah, lots of websites use Flash these days. It is getting to be a problem using the Treo to browse the web.
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    I can't remember the thread, but there's a Flash player that does run on the 650. Maybe not all Flash, but some, at least. Thread is over a year old, as best I can remember. Do a search on this site. The files needed are in the thread.

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    the old flashplayer that was forcefully squeezed into the treo isn't of much use. what we need is full flash functionality, player and browser. and also to use flash files as wallpaper, create our own flash interface etc etc. flash is huge, and it changes the way you use you gadget. the japs are very advanced in this respect
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    I'm in.

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