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    I'm thinking about ditching Sprint, but I dont think any other provider will match the deal I have at Sprint.
    I get 1000 anytime minutes for $59.99 w/night/weekends at 7pm + $5 mobile to mobile + $8 unlimited text + $5 Vision Pack (unlimited data) + $7 insurance
    Then I get 25% off my total bill each month (My Amount Due is about $65/mo)

    I really want the blackberry pearl, the only places that carry it in my area are T-Mobile and Cingular (AT&T) but it's free with new service.
    I use close to the 1000 anytime minutes each month + another 500-600 weekend minutes, last month I sent 2,100 text messages (this is not uncommon). I use email frequently.
    Does anyone know of a provider that can come close to what I'm paying now (within $25/mo)?
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    I don't think so. The blackberry service is expensive, no matter where you get it, as far as I know.
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    Price it out on T-Mo. Buy the unlimited texting ($20?) and data ($30) and 1000 minute plan/free nights and weekends ($?) and insurance ($6) and you'll be spending way more than you are now.

    Cingular is always pricier than T-Mobile, right?

    I don't think you're going to get better pricing than you have right now.

    I went from T-Mo to Sprint on the SERO plan with a 700wx. I'm migrating my wife from T-Mo to Sprint as soon as the 755p appears on the SERO website.
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    yea you wont do much better. and when you get a blackberry you need the data plan which will be about $20-$25 more for data then you pay now.
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    I'm not really looking for better pricing. I would settle for something close. I think T-Mobile's fab 5 or whatever it's called would cause me to require much less monthly minutes. However I have not heard wonderful things about the coverage in SoCal.
    The plus to going with a new provider is that the Pearl would be free. I would have to pay Sprint $200 to drop my contract but I could sell my Treo for about 2/3 of that. My only other option is to get the new 755 for $280 from sprint. But seriously the pearl is so much more of what I want...small and light.
    My confusion about the plans is that the blackberry site does not list out any addon prices for texts or data (seems kinda shady since EVERYONE uses texts).

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