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    Why is palm quality controll so bad. I have owned several treos and have noticed several issues with palms quality standards. 1. screens are often off center. the black border on the right may be wide and the border on the left narrow. 2. the keypad backlight is dim on some units and bright on others. 3. the kepad backlight may have a color or hue to one side or all. this may be ok if your keypad has a slight blue tint but what if its pink or worse mulitonal being half pink and half blue. 4. extremly poor white uniformity in 700p screens. on a solid white screen one side often has a slight blue tint and the othet side red. Some screens have great color saturation while otthes have very little. 5. Not all the buttons always have a click. oftin this is the up arrorow. 6. lets not forget about the battery cover. I am sick of this. will it ever get better.
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    the 600 & 680 i have are solid, you could always go back to a phone, ipod,
    datebook, dvd player etc.....
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    As far as the uniformity of the white screens, some color themes have a different hue for the background. My wifes theme is "plum" and has a purplish hue to it. It always throws me, even though I know why its like that. Also, her keypad is brighter than mine because her keys are cleaner.
    All that to say there are many factors, and unless you are comparing treos side by side off the assembly line they will look different.
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    you just got lucky. if you want proof just start compairing your 680 to other 680's. see if the keypad backlight looks the same. some reviewers have stated that the 700p has better color than the 650 or the 755 has better color than the 700 but what they are actually seeing is inconsistent quality in the screen. yea my 650's , 700p's, and now 700wx were all solid unti I started paying attention. "it doesen't have to be perfect" is an american buisness screw the consumer mentality. that is why all of our battery doors move and are loose or become loose over time if you have the ones with foam. also, this thread is not about how many devices I can go back to if I don't like my treo because any pda and with far less defects will perform all those functions. I happen to like my treo and just wish all my buttons clicked, that I didn't have put paper behind the battery door of my 600 dollar device and my friend whishes his screen had the color saturation of mine. so keep telling yourself they are all solid and palm will keep making crap for us and we will all be palcing paper behind our treo 1000 and it still won't have wifi.
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    Yea, I had to screw with my 600 put tinfoil around the battery wires, also said it would come with wifi, but they all do things differently for all of us, and the only thing they do well for the manufactures is make them a boat load of cash. At least we can come on TC and make our units work how we need them. I just glad we don't rely on palm to cure cancer.
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    6. lets not forget about the battery cover. I am sick of this. will it ever get better.
    What battery cover issue? What model?

    I've only had two 700wx devices. I asked for a new replacement under my 30-day trial with VZW because I felt the reception was not up to par. Didn't want to take any chances since, after the 30-days, I'd have gotten a refurb if I complained. The only difference I saw on these two models is that the stylus was a little tighter fit on my original device. No big deal though.


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