I just purchased unlocked Vodaphone branded Treo 750V from ebay and received it on Wednesday of this week. I'm using it now on T-mobile service and praying for them to drop 3G on me! So far I'm very pleased with this device. I've owned about 4 PDA style devices (this makes 5) and they've all had the Windows OS (so I'm confortable with it, and prefer it now). However, this is my first Palm device. I'm pretty impressed with Palm. There could always be a few tweaks here and there, but hey, that's with any device you own.

The main thing I'm wanting is some feedback on is some of the differences between the 750V and the 750. I'm also starting to notice that anything I do through Palm, of course, has to be done through the overseas website, which is really getting annoying too.

Which is the better device? Or, are they both running a tight race?

Also...the firmware version on my phone is 1.12.0a.00. Does anyone know if this is the most recent?