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    I have been a T650 owner for over two years now and my wife's phone is dieing a slow painful death. Both of us are looking to upgrade. For my wife it will be her first PDA/Smart phone. I have been looking at Treo 750, Treo 680, 8525, and BlackJack trying to decide on what the hell to get.

    I use my Treo 650 for almost eveything, Google Maps, movie listing, menus, email, texting, IM'ing, web surfing, games, watch movies, listen to music, etc. I am very comfortable with PalmOS and all the little quirks that go along with owning a device of this nature. My wife on the other hand, this will be her first venture down this path.

    Which would you recommend for a first time PDA/Smart phone shopper?

    I like all four of the phones. I am leaning towards the 680 due to the fact it does what I need it to do, I am familiar with PalmOS, and I have a bunch of stuff on SD cards already and would have to transfer them all to a miniSD.

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    I have the 650 and the 680. The transition from the 650 was very smooth and the increased memory in the 680 made a huge difference in the stability of my everyday device. I only use my 650 as a backup now...I love my 680
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    I would second the recommendation of the 680. For a first smartphone I think a Palm OS phone is good. If your wife is a normal person (and she is normal if she does not have an account at Treocentral) that means the 680 or the 700p/755p if you're looking across to CDMAville.

    I saw this in action with my wife -- she got a 650 and moved away from a generic flip phone and a standard-issue Staples "Month at a Glance" calendar. She now uses 1/20 of the Treo's capabilities.

    She turned down the offer of a 750 (I have one, extra, she could use it no problems) because it's just too complex for her.

    I saw a friend of hers get the 700w and have major headaches, then trade it in for the 700p and now her friend is happy.

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