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    I am a third year medical student looking for a good, reliable, economical smartphone. I don't need anything too fancy, just something that can handle a few programs that I need to run, and check the occasional email. I don't plan on using a supplier data plan, I prefer Wifi (i.e. if I went with the Treo I'd have to purchase and SDIO Wifi card). I can get my hands on a Samsung i730 for $99, or a Treo 700wx for $299. Any suggestions/thoughts? I'm having a hard time making the decision, I figured you all would know the most and would probably be the best source of information! Thanks a lot for your time and suggestions!

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    Both are pretty comparable phones. A few differences:

    Bluetooth: Treo has 1.2, i730 has 1.1

    Wifi: i730 has 802.11b built in, Treo does not, but you could purchase a 802.11g SDIO card for it for around $70

    Battery Life: Treo - up to 4.7 hours talk time and more than 300 hours standby time ; i730 - Talk: 2.20 hours (132 minutes)
    Standby: 130 hours (5.4 days)

    Camera: Treo - 1.3MP camera/camcorder; i730 - no camera

    You can see more comparisons here:
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    Doesnt the i730 have stereo sound as well? I remember salivating over this when it was on Verizon exclusively but the lack of camera is just a deal breaker for me! (WinMo also took points away).
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    I had the 730 for a few months then dumped it for the WX. I gotta say the wx is far superior. First of all the battery life on the treo is significantly better. I had to bring my spare battery with me where ever I went with the 730 it would die at about 4pm with moderate usage. The sliding keyboard was annoying on the 730. I thought it would be cool, but it was more of a pain. it almost fell out of my hands a bunch of times while trying to slide out the kb one handed. Plus it is inconvenient. The palm enhancements on the treo are great. it makes the phone so much more usable than the 730 especially one handed navigation. I love the treo 700wx and would not trade it except for a better treo. IMHO. Good luck.
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    You may want to consider how many apps including all of the medical software you will be using on a storage card and that you would probably be having to swap out the cards to put the WIFI card in. There are some cards that have memory built in to the WIFI cards, but the memory is limited on them. Because of this, you may want to go with the I730.

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