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    hello everyone there,can u suggest a bluetooth chat.
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    Have you tried SubliMobi bluetooth chat ( ?
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    Is it paid or free?
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    it is completely free software you can download and enjoy.
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    what are the other qualities of sublimobi.
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    Sublimobi allows you:

    * Chat locally for FREE
    * Read blogs on a mobile
    * Receive the latest news People
    * Subscribe to any RSS feed
    * Check your horoscope daily
    * Meet new people like you
    * Find the latest Sport results
    * Post classifieds all around you
    * Be alerted when a friend of your is near you
    * Meet people who share the same interests
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    Is it user friendly or should i try for other chatting softwares.
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    Sublimobi mobile software worked for me. Check It is a free bluetooth chat plus rss news reader

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