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    Hey, I've been waiting for June to get an Iphone, but would have to switch
    to Cingular. Have been thinking that I'd stay with Sprint and get a Treo.
    Now my Samsung phone broke TODAY. Jammed up completely. Called
    Sprint and they say I should wait for the Treo 755p which is coming out soon. Is there any way I can get a new Treo TODAY?? I'm also wondering if I should go with the Palm OS or Windows software. Palm users seem very happy. More importantly, now though, is that I have NO PHONE right now and need one that works!!

    Any ideas?? Should I just buy a cheap phone and wait for the 755p to come out???
    Should I switch to Cingular and get a 755p immediately? Sprint also says they are getting the 750 'very soon.'

    thanks for any advice.

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    You have 30 days to try a phone, don't you? Just go get a phone today and trade it for the 755 when it's released. I thought the estimated release date is next week...and it won't be on Cingular, just Sprint. You can even get a WM Treo if you want to test the waters on that OS or get the 700p if you want to stick with Palm.
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    Thanks Christina! Forgot about that 30-day free trial
    thing. I'm in Chicago, a recent transplant and love it!
    Living in crime-ridden Hyde Park, though!
    Appreciate your input!
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    Now I found out that the free 30-day trial is only for
    NEW Sprint PCS customers!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by catziki View Post
    Now I found out that the free 30-day trial is only for
    NEW Sprint PCS customers!!!

    If you agree to re-up for another 2 years they should give you the 30 days, or at least 14 days. That's what I did when I smashed my 650 a few weeks before the 700 came out.
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    This raises an interesting question. Why not keep a spare on the shelf at home ? Stuff happens.... Handsets get lost, dropped , stolen, left on cars, left in taxis, etc.

    Given the current nature of cellular providers, it may be wise to keep a spare unit at home.
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    Why not buy a really crummy generic phone off Craigslist today? Then carry on until the Treo You've Been Dreaming Of (trademarked, copyrighted, all rights reserved, nonskid, reversible, breaks the ice at parties) comes out.

    Then you'll have the TYBDO and the aforementioned spare.

    I've bought phones off Craigslist. The good thing is you get to see the phone in action. Meet the seller at a Sprint store and get it activated on the spot so you can see if it has a clean ESN or not, right then and there before you hand over cash.
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    By a cheap phone for now and send your broken phone in to have it repaired. When your phone comes back from repair take the cheap phone back to where you bought it. Repairs generally take no more than a few weeks and I think you have 14 - 30 days to test drive a phone.

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    They will let you try it for 30days even if you are not a new customer. You will get varried responses from different reps at sprint. I have had them since 1998. I always ask to speak to a mgr. Also the 755 is available right now. At least it is in socal stores and also if you call in to order it.

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