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    They email you a registration number, you could probably go to astraware's site and download soduku and use the key they emailed you.......
    I signed up for it, and when I clicked on the link in the text message, it installed a Software app that seems to be a conduit for downloading the apps. I downloaded Suduko, and it installed without a registration number, and when I tried to beam it, it's locked. So it seems this is a way to sell software without dealing with registration codes and hotsync ids.
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    its only for people from the united states but i though i'll give it a go as well, so i logged in from germany. didn't manage to get the free game though, a US number was required for that.
    well whatever, as a treo person from outside america, one needs to have some elbow to remain in touch. europeans havent actually ever benefitted from any proper services from palm, no wonder that treos are rare here.
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    I signed up also thinking it would be a great support page only to find out that it installed about 1.2 megs of programs on the Treo (maybe more)

    I found MyPalm Account - 400K, MyTreo Account - 436K, MyTreoSync - 326K.

    Since the auto install on the Treo, I have experienced more resets, connection problems, more screen freezes and periodically the SD card slot goes DOA and will not recognize cards inserted or removed.... took 3 hard resets to finally get it back.

    The MyPalm "auto updating" is pre-configured and their screen does not reset which causes other programs in the background such as auto-backup and push email to not go through properly.

    Anyone else who signed up experiencing anything similar?

    Also, if anyone who has already deleted MyPalm from their Treo knows of any other installed files that need to go, let me know.....I am ready to delete it all.
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    I have not noticed all the symptoms you describe - I have an unlocked GSM which I use with T-Mobile - but I have noticed that the phone is turning itself off at night, which is when the backup occurs.

    Also, I have no idea how to restore from the backup! Didn't see that part.
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