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    Is it possible to set up two different Exchange accounts on a Treo? I have one set up already and the option to add another is not there. Any one have any experience with this?
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    Never tried it, seems like you could with email since you can have multiple accounts but if you pushing calendar and contact data I don't know.

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    Yeah, it is just for e-mail. I will keep playing around with it to see if I can get it going. Thanks BenJoe
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    You are not able to have 2 Exchange accounts on either PalmOS or WM based Treo if you use the stock programs (i.e. VersaMail for PalmOS and Pocket Outlook for WM). The main reason is with Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) not only do you sync emails but also calendars, contacts, etc.

    However, if you use a PalmOS based Treo, you can opt for ChatterEmail and you can set up multiple Exchange accounts. However Chatter only handles emails, not PIM stuff. And that's why Chatter can allow multiple Exchange accounts.

    If you only care about emails, and if your email provider exposes POP and/or IMAP, you can simply establish a POP/IMAP account to circumvent the problem.

    (As a matter of fact, you'd run into the same problem with the desktop version of Outlook anyway. You cannot have more than one Exchange account with MS Outlook due to the same issues above.)
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    That make sense. I am going to look into ChatterEmail and see how it goes. Thank you very much.

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