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    Sorry if this question has been asked before but I was wondering how to remove applications from my 650. Like a kid with a new toy I have added some apps I realy dont need. Can I remove some of the apps the 650 shipped with like realplayer?
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    You cannot (for all practical purposes) delete built-in applications (unless you want to void your warranty or decrease your life-expectancy by a significant amount - do a search for "Custom ROM" in these forums). Best is to ignore them, or hide them with a utility like SharkROM.

    Other apps added by you can be deleted (after disabling these, where appropriate) from the [Applications]->[Menu]->[Delete] form.
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    if you end up adding third party apps do a search for destaller...great free app for removing applications and related files.
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    There are a couple of installation monitoring applications that are worth looking at. There is Uninstall Manager ( and Destaller Pro (there is also a lite version) at

    These applications are intended to be the first application installed on your device. I have used both applications and prefer Uninstall Manager.

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    There is also a freeware utility called Obfuscate that will hide the buit-in programs. I never went the Custom ROM route with my 650 but I did burn incense nightly in honor of Obfuscate because I didn't have to look at the icons.

    I need to do the same for my 700wx. I don't want to see 'Get Good' anymore.
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    thanks for all the options everyone
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