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    Is Europe 3G UTMS 2100 the same as USA 3G UTMS 2100mhz? Will the Unlocked Palm Treo 750 3G will work in Europe.Will the Unlocked Palm Treo 750 3G phone in USA with T-mobile 3G UTMS 2100mhz.It works with Cingular 3G service in the USA. 2. What is HSPCA? 3. Is 3G UTMS/WCDMA better than GSM
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    Short answers:
    1. Europe's UMTS (not UTMS) 2100 Mhz is the same as USA's 2100. So Treo 750 will work in Europe and USA (and the whole world that supports UTMS) regardless if the device is locked or unlocked.

    T-Mobile's 'future' UMTS is not 2100 Mhz.

    2. I believe you're referring to HSDPA. It's 3.5 G: Treo 750 will support it soon with a firmware upgrade.

    3. You will use both GSM and UMTS (WCDMA) on your Treo 750. Speedwise obviously UMTS is faster. You may want to wiki or google more on these acronyms.
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