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    My searches on this question don't turn up direct answers (or complete ones), so I will post it:

    THe ultimate question is "why Palm over windows or BB or some other
    operating system?"

    I know many of the standard answers, but they are usually incomplete.
    So here is my deal:

    I'm not a "power" user. Having applications is nice, but not
    necessary Email, some web use (not general surfing, but Mapquest, a
    phone book, the bank, etc.). Ability to read word processing docs is
    necessary; ability to edit them is nice, but not necessary. PIM
    functions are necessary. The Palm desktop works okay--I'd like to be
    able to keep better, more extensive notes on projects - but I can make
    it work).

    I just got a Treo simply because Sprint was kind enough to give me a
    good deal on it, and I am accustomed to using a T/X. Since my office
    gives me a BB, I have way too many devices (I keep the BB in my
    briefcase - I used to just check email on my A900 (GREAT phone) and
    use the BB if I actually had to respond). So I am combining phone and
    TX in one device (and thereby won't need to pull out the BB at all).
    Plus, I have a Palm folding keyboard that I can use with the phone

    But the Treo is big. And it is slippery, so I have to get a case for
    it which will make it even bigger. In the stores, I see Moto Q, which
    is slim, has a better keyboard--and even cheaper. The Blackjack is
    another example, but Sprint does not seem to have it.

    So am I better off just keeping the Palm device? Or would the Moto Q
    do all the same things in a better package (better meaning slimmer;
    better keyboard)? I have no experience at all with the mobile windows
    system. I am also accustomed to a touch screen - not necessary I
    guess, but very nice.

    By the way, having the BB does not figure into the equation. I'd
    never put my personal stuff on a work system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joel65203 View Post
    So am I better off just keeping the Palm device? Or would the Moto Q
    do all the same things in a better package (better meaning slimmer;
    better keyboard)?
    I was wondering the same thing until I went to a store and spent a half hour working each phone. If you do that you will decide on the Treo. Solidly built, intuitive menus (everything is relative ), good keyboard visibility/response and tactile feel. Just plain better. Oh... and the OS on the Q is very slow. Very noticeable delays after most actions.

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    You do realize you're in a Treo forum, right??
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    Go use the Q (or whatever else they have on the shelf that has "Shiny" written all over it). Then you'll have a point of comparison. How does it feel in YOUR hands?

    I have done that with the Dash and the SDA. I came back to the Treo. I have used both the P and W flavors and both are markedly superior. But you have to make that decision for yourself. There are plenty of threads on Treocentral that say "Goodbye Treo I have found the $DEVICE which is dipped in utter fabulosity and the Treo STFOODS." I happen to be one that still likes the Treo.

    As for size, the Treo ain't that bad. I stick it in my pocket whether I'm wearing a suit or jeans.

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