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    Are the newer 700wx or 700p treos better for bluetooth headset connections than my 650? The 650 bluetooth performance is horrible.
    how would I be able to test my treo anyway?

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    I think bluetooth is a major issue for Treo users.
    I've read a lot of complaints about clarity,
    and the ability to connect.
    The 700p supports bluetooth 1.2,
    which I believe is the same as the 650.
    That doesn't necessarily mean that you'll see the same results.
    I've read various reports of bluetooth quality.

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    The 650 has by far better BT performance then 700p. I don't know why but it does. If you check over on the 700p threads you can read about the horror stories.
    I didnt have any problem with my 650 and BT. What's wrong with yours.
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    Quick! Edit that first post to munge your email address or face The Wave of Spam!

    On topic, I had the 650 and now have the 700wx. Both were/are great. I've given up on BT though. Too much hassle, and it just seems kinda dodgy in operation.

    Given the noise on this site about the 700p I would say the answer to your question is that you wait until the first maintenance release for a Treo. The 700wx is the followup to the 700w. The 700p will soon have a MR. And it will have a sibling, the 755.

    Sit tight. You will miss your 650 if you jump too soon. I have a stable 700wx and I still miss the 650.
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    I got the email off. thanks tasty...
    the bluetooth works if my treo is very close to the headset. if I put the Treo on the console in my car and put the earpiece in my right ear, it works. It won't work if the bluetooth is in my left ear. some people with lesser phones use their bluetooth roaming around the house. mine won't allow this at all.
    Why is Treo bluetooth range so poor?

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    IMHO the 650 was able to pair with more devices but the quality of the call was so so. The 700p has only a few headsets that will pair with it, but the call quality on those is superior to the 650
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    Not until proven otherwise as the model numbers rise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sxtg View Post
    IMHO the 650 was able to pair with more devices but the quality of the call was so so. The 700p has only a few headsets that will pair with it, but the call quality on those is superior to the 650
    I agree my 650 never had a problem pairing or never lost its pairing to my headset. It just sucked when connected. I had to keep the phone close to me.

    My 700p once connected is great. But it loses its pair or is slow to connect.


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    My 650 also had to be close to the headset in order to avoid problems. If I had my headset on my right ear and my 650 in my shirt pocket (left side) I would have problems. Unfortunately the 700wx ain't too much better. Problems = crackly noisy connection.

    I got sick of carrying my Treo in my hand while talking on the phone on my BT headset. I still use it in the car (stick the Treo 700wx on the passenger seat or in front of the gear shift and put the BT headset on my right ear) but that's about it. Usually I am OK that way.

    Bluetooth that works. I'd love it.
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    My Treo 750v works much better with my Jabra SP500 speakerphone than the Treo 650 I previously had. The 750v is able to maintain a constant bluetooth connection which means that incoming/outgoing calls are transferred almost immediately to the bluetooth device. The 650 is not able to do that and half the time the transfer would be unsuccessful and the other half of the time, there would be an unacceptable delay before I can pick up an incoming call on the SP500.

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