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    I'm totally on the fence.

    I need a new phone to organize me and I dont know what to get. I've never used palm but everyone at work tells me its the best thing ever. I used to own windows mobile palm pilots and loved them. Should I get a 700wx a 755p a 750w if its even coming.

    The stuff thats important to me is the messaging, email, MP3 ringtones (haha i know), and easy planning and setting up reminders. I like cool features too but maybe palm has those now. It always seemed like Palm didn't have all the power that windows did and windows was much more tweakable.

    I'm so so so confused.....


    IS one better for little games you can get?
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    wx over w, 'cause it has twice the memory.
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    Just keep in mind that if a new WM6 Treo does come out for Sprint, it will have a smaller battery than the wx.

    I don't expect a new wm Treo for another 5-6 months.
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    I'm on the same boat, I like new Treo's. I've had my 700p for a year now, & want to try something new, like a W. At the same time I just LOVE the Palm OS & waiting for the 755p
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    What are the advantages of the Palm OS vs the WM os?

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