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    The only needed differentiation of carrier among the boosters is that iDEN (NExtel) requires a special booster. GSM/CDMA/AMPS - the booster is the same. One needs only know the frequencies used in their area. If in doubt, go with the dual band model.

    If yuo can get, at least, a marginal signal outside on your handset then a booster will probably do nicely for you.

    There are several brands on the market.I've tested two models.
    My preferred manufacturer is Wilson Electronics. My second choice is a little simpler installation, but also somewhat less sensitivity and is made by

    Mark Bergman
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    Yes, iDEN networks do require a different repeater but this is solely because the iDEN networks operate on a different frequency to the CDMA/GSM Networks.

    iDEN is 800 MHz

    CDMA/GSM is 850 or 1900 MHz (But this is often simplified to 800 & 1900 MHz, which is inaccurate).
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    bmdgill is correct. Take a look at for some good explanations.
    Mark Bergman
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