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    Just got a Treo750V and installed Goodlink on it for work email. Thsi is my first PDA/Smartphone so I'm finding my way

    All my contacts from my old (basic) phone were on my SIM card, and so I managed to transfer them to the WIndows contact list on the Treo. However they ar enot visible on the Good contact list (which seems to override the Windows one) that is synched with my Outlook contacts on the mail server

    Anyone know how I can merge the two contact lists on the Treo and then allow the server to sync up ?

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    You'll need to use Activesync to sync the "local" contacts on your phone to your Outlook client. Unfortunately Good takes over the contacts on the phone. There are workarounds for this for Palm phones but none yet for WM phones. According to Goodguy, version 5.0 of GMM is supposed to allow WM users the option of chosing the Good contacts or native contacts.

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