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    I found a nethack game(which I loved on the PC) and found a CAB version. I tried clicking on the link at source but it loaded up gibberish on my treo750.

    SO I tried copying it(saved to my pc) and then uploaded the cab file to my website:

    but when I click on the link, the treo won't prompt me to save this but rather will have the same gibberish up. How can I "right-click" and save as- when I don't see this on the default IE program?

    p.s. feel free to download the nethack game for your own usage-(edited- to add that this is appx 3.3mb)
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    whenevr u get the "gibberish" u r actually downloading it. Just wait til it finishes, close PIE, go to file explorer>windows>profile>guest>temporary internet files >content. You'll then see a bunch of folders with long alpha/numeric names. Inside one of those folders will be your cab file. Cut and paste it to your folder of choice and then execute it.
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    Ah, gotcha. I'll go try it!

    (edited) P.s. did you ever catch your rhino?

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