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    After having my 600 for 3 years, I finally made the switch to the 700wx and I'm starting to like it a lot. WM is nice; I love Exchange with Pocket Outlook; EVDO is great. The biggest pain is the response lag in the phone app. I'm still in my 30 day trial period for the phone, so I'm wondering if I should jump off this Sprint service (which I've been on for 10 years) and pick up the 750 on Cingular. My luck with Sprint service (dropped calls, battery drain, etc) hasn't been so acceptable, so maybe going with Cingular would help (my work cell is a cheap-o Nokia that works everywhere). That's my biggest concern with signing another long contract with anybody...I just want to make and finish my calls, dammit!

    I'm ready to swallow the pill for the extra 25 bucks or so a month for the Cingular plan, but the 750 and Cingular are mysteries to me. I've been reading that it's buggy. Is it as usable as the 700wx? How's Cingular's coverage/call quality/data quality? I'm not a heavy user; I just need it mainly to check mail, use IE, and schedule my calendar...and when I have time, play around with the cool stuff (VNC, media streaming, etc...)

    I'm on Sprint's "In danger of cancelling" list (that's what the girl on the phone told me), so I'm ready for a blitz of incentive's they're going to offer me if I do make this switch (upgrade?).

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    sounds like network quality is your biggest problem. Ask people that live/work around you that have cingular how they like it. Plus, cingular has a 30 day trial for you to make sure you want it.
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    I have a cheap Nokia that my employer pays for that's on the Cingular network. Network quality is flawless at home and at work. I just don't know if I should invest the time and effort to try out the 750 on Cingular's network. I'm just wondering if the 750 is better/same/worse than the 700wx...and can I justify paying the extra bux a month.

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