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    Hi - was hoping someone could shine a little light on this subject. I'm still rather new at this stuff and learning lots about my 750 but what I can't seem to figure out is why I can connect to some websites and not others. Also, if I do make it to a website and click on a link, I can't get to that link. I typically get the message: "The page cannot be displayed or downloaded because the connection was lost. Check the connection and try again later." I'm using a Cingular branded 750 that has been unlocked for use on T-Mobile. I have NOT done any registry tweaks or hacks ... as of yet.

    Thanks for any help.
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    this might help with getting into some sites as my ebay, etc. do a search on disable proxy.
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    Thanks - I'm still new at this stuff but I did get the tweak/hack loaded. I'm just not sure if it's actually working. I was able to surf to some websites I couldn't before but when I clicked on a link within that site, I was back to square one.

    Thanks again.

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