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    That article is a bit disjointed, but there is one line which struck me as pretty accurate:

    Clearly, Access' main direction will be to take the advantages of the Palm user interface for its Linux stack, leaving Palm to fend for itself. By not committing to the Access Linux product, and preferring to create its own, Palm is making a clean break from its former subsidiary and making a last ditch attempt to develop a world class OS again, an ambition that has faded under the PalmSource auspices since spin-off.
    This is the third attempt at a next-gen PalmOS. Many say its an attempt which has already come too late, and at present there is no guarantee of success. Palm may feel it important to preserve their OS independence, but a lot of market confidence in them relies upon them now running on a more stably supplied and predictably developed OS, vs the corporate shenanigans which has plagued Palm previously. Palm would do well to keep its enemies closer.

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    This was also interesting to me:

    "Palm will still use Microsoft Windows Mobile in some Treo models, particularly for the large enterprise market, but the defocusing on this OS - the licensing of which was seen as the likely survival route for Palm last year - is radical and risky, and perhaps the clearest signal of all that the PDA pioneer is gearing up for sale to a Microsoft enemy such as Nokia, and so needs to show a Windows-free roadmap."
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    I hope they do not dump windows... it was the main reason I even looked at a palm treo again. Although, I would be MORE than happy to go with a palm os device again, if it were stable, provided great email and were stable.

    I think now they should focus on hardware and get the rf up to par with the motorola and nokia products of the world.

    Having two devices on two carriers since jan 07, I can say that the rf on the treo is lacking. Also comparing my treo on sprint against my cousin's "regular" phone on sprint... the rf is somewhat lacking.

    I will keep my treo though... still works great for data... and on sero, can't be beat with sprint....
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    Even if they do drop Windows, users of the Treo Windows machines keep the experience they have acquired with WM5. I really hope Palm makes it through all of this, but I'm not betting on it at this point.
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    Author of that article needs to go back and listen to some of what Palm's management has discussed with regard to their international strategy: WM.

    Until POS II is launched I don't believe there is room for any discussion of the topic.

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