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    Maybe they read your comment and decided to post all the comments, just like you mentioned. Dead silence is not a good thing.

    I am a bit tired of the whining and complaining though, although I can understand how frustrating it is to have a crippled phone. They have provided a date. Better to wait and see what happens. I don't think they'll drop the ball now that it's out in the open and they are "addressing" it.

    As for the reply to the comments specifically, so far there hasn't been much so I wouldn't hold my breath.
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    "Palm Blog (Is Palm Posting Most of the comments)?"

    The real question should be, is Palm listening to any of the posts?

    So far Palm's silence on this Blog is deafening.
    Have a great one...Doc D.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tastypeppers View Post
    Wow!!!! Less than 24 hours!!!!

    Good work, Palm. Glad to see it. Next step: Palm talks to Tastypeppers in the comments at That's how it works.

    EDIT: ahh, they f'd it up. My post was attributed to "Nick." I'm not Nick. They used my real name for a one-sentence post attributed to someone with the initials 'mvk'.

    I've posted another comment and asked them to fix it.
    Well, it is a whole day and they haven't fixed their database f-up. My comment is still attributed to "Nick" and my name is on a comment by "mvk."

    Hey Palm? You there? Hello? Hello?

    <dead serious>

    1. Palm, consider the probability that I will be willing to comment again on your blog if this is the way I am treated -- my words are conflated with someone else's.

    2. This is a TECHNICAL problem. You are a TECHNOLOGY COMPANY. If you F up your website we figure -- rightly or wrongly -- that you will F up other technology, like, oh, for instance, full QWERTY convergence devices.

    3. Palm, moderated comments are appropriate because this is your corporate mouth, after all. BUT you have to task someone with a 10 minute maximum string for response.

    4. Palm, I recommend that you push responsibility for this blog as high up the food chain as possible, so that the person taking action on this has sufficient corporate clout not to be driven by fear. Then tell them that their FIRST job is to respond FAST to comments. Fear instills delay. Delay has all sorts of knock-on effects for your readers.

    5. Palm, your blog has to sound like a real human being. As noble as it is for you to involve lotsa people, you are diluting the impact of hearing one voice. You want to hear one voice talking and representing the company? Look at Mr. Chatter. Look at GoodGuy here on TC, on his own, taking brickbats and holding his head high. Pick one person. One articulate person. One articulate person with a reasonable sense of humor. Go. You can add other people later as you get rolling.

    6. Palm, you are fogetting one thing. is tiny. is big. is big. HoFo is big. We can and will swamp you on Google. Example:

    7. Palm, why do you think I go to this effort? Why do you think Merlyn_3D is dancing mad? It's because we care about your silly Treos and we kinda feel like we dropped the soap in the prison shower. Please show us you care and let us pick up the soap without incident.

    8. Palm, you REALLY need to take this seriously. This is 2007 and a heard of elephants is about to overrun your market segment. We have choices now. Many of us on Treocentral have moved on to other devices, some reluctantly and some with great bitterness. Permanently. I have tasted the waters and come back. But next time I might not. The BB 8830 might be it for me. The N95 might be it for me. But whereas in the 650 days there were not a lot of options, it ain't that way now.

    </dead serious>
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    I'm kinda miffed at this point.

    It's 9:34 p.m. My comment went up (according to the time stamp on the comment) at 6:37 p.m. yesterday.

    They still haven't fixed the fact that my comment is attributed to Nick and my name is attached to mvk's comment. On the other hand the only way they offered me to get in touch with them was to leave comments in the queue. I've left two so far.

    Time to dial tomorrow. Paul Loeffler, you're getting a phone call. On an f-ing Treo.

    EDIT: I sent a fax to Mr. Loeffler. He's VP of Marketing or some such stuff. Let's see how responsive they are. Oh, who am I kidding. They don't give a rat's @ss. Actions speak louder than words and I've seen the actions.

    I need a dose of Perry's medicine. I believe, I believe.
    Last edited by Tastypeppers; 04/25/2007 at 12:55 AM. Reason: I'm going to call the "Hello, World!" dude.
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    did you miss your medication today? Dude it's only a phone. Take a deep breath and relax.
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    Yeah I know I'm a bit over the edge. All I want for them to do at this point is correct the mistake so my words are attributed to me, and someone else's words are not attributed to me.

    Then I give up and go home. I'm not going to invest any more energy in making THEIR business better. F them. I'm going to invest the energy into making MY business better.

    Oooh. More meds please. Apparently I'm not quite cured yet.
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    Tasty its almost as if (without your meds) youre looking @ Palm as if they wereyour Boris and Natasha to Rocky and Bullwinkle.
    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
    There is no spoon.
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    Palm's Paul Loeffler called me. They had it right. I had it wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tastypeppers View Post

    Palm's Paul Loeffler called me. They had it right. I had it wrong.
    Let's give Palm the benefit of doubt, At least they called you with someone from the top! That means that they are paying attention to Palm users and I like that!
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    One of the upshots of the phone call I received is that I discovered that indeed Palm, Inc. DOES hear us. They (at least) read TC -- and I'll bet they read other boards. And as Paul's telephone call shows, they DO respond. The response to Bob C's letter shows responsiveness, too.

    Maybe (and I'm pointing at myself first) we should be encouraging rather than throw brickbats. It isn't easy, I'm sure, for corporations to step out and get down in the day-to-day level of discussions on the forums with their customers. An employee might say something bad. Trade secrets might slip out. Whatever.

    Paul, this will work. Marc Blank and GoodGuy are two examples of how this can work in a spectacularly good way. Marc took some hits from time to time from cranky people. Usually he would respond in good graces or ignore them. Sometimes he'd pop them back. No problems. GoodGuy is getting hammered by a guy right now and dealing with it in a very grown-up way. Good is lucky to have an employee out on the front lines like GoodGuy.

    (My selfish motivation -- I want that new Treo. You know: the one that is Linux-based, credit-card thin, 4-days battery life, PalmOS interface, full Exchange over-the-air sync, 5 megapixel camera, blah blah blah).

    ps to Paul Loeffler. I'm in the Bay Area June 14 - 17 on business. Can I buy you a cup of coffee and say thanks?
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    Good to know that they actually read the stuff on the boards. I have yet to receive any kind of correspondence from Palm Inc like Paul and others. But not like they wanna deal with a squat little bug like me.
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    Maceyr, juust go off your meds like me. you will get a response.
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    LOL! Thanks for the laugh, Tastypeppers!
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    hopefully this will show you guys to stop over-reacting to some of this stuff.
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    Over-react? Hey! I resemble that remark!
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    Easy, Tasty. Did you get your meds?
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