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    Is the SDHC 4gb supported or not supported for the Treo 700p?

    If not supported, is there any trick to get it to operate nevertheless?

    Thanks ahead,

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    To summarize you need to install the sd card reader file from the 680. That thread should hold either a link to a host that will give you the download or someone may have attached it to one of their posts.

    The other thing to remember is you cant hotsync this file you must either sms or email it to your treo. Or, if you have a laptop or a computer with BlueTooth out you can tranfer the file that way. The most common way peeps have transferred this file from a SD card (obviously a NON SDHC card) to the Treo's ROM with Resco Explorer.

    Lastly if you ever have to hard reset this file will not stay. I keep this and other hack files on a regular SD card with me at all times so that if I ever have a wicked crash Im not left without the ability to restore from my SCHC card.
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    Thanks! I'm up now with SDHC on the 700p
    and copying over the current 250 songs
    which will take an hour.

    Feels good to be able to expand up to 1000
    now (1gb was able to hold 250 and this 4g
    SDHC should handle 1000).

    Can hardly wait for the 8g, 16g, and later
    ones to come out / lower in price...

    Great stuff. Again thanks.
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    If you do a search for 8GB youll find a few threads that show deals on cards.

    I know that on NewEgg you can probaby get an 8GB card for less than $80.

    Im just a SD card snob I guess and Ive only bought San Disk. So far San Disk is only up to 4GB so like you Ill wait.

    Oh BTW, I hope youre not hotsyncing over those MP3's. If you are I would STRONGLY suggest that you do it via a card reader. (just make sure your card reader is SDHC compatible as well) Trust me if youre not doing this youll save yourself about 3/4 the ammount of time.

    If you alread knew this than I apologize and no insult to your intelligence.

    Good luck!
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    Sandisk has an 8gb card can preorder. Google it
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    always the dutiful poster. Thanks!
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    I made a pledge to Perry, remember? Besides, an 8gb card will hold a lot more videos of that upcoming honeymoom...
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    you just want to see the... oh nevermind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo View Post
    I think Adata has a 4GB card that is not SDHC. Would this still need the hack to work too?
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    Will this work on the Treo 700w?

    It works on my Treo 700p but I need to ask on the
    above for a colleague...

    Thanks ahead TreoWizards.


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