View Poll Results: The next new ability you would like a future Treo to have is. . . . .

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  • GPS

    83 58.04%
  • WiFi

    52 36.36%
  • Something Else

    8 5.59%
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    Arent the GPS receivers today small enough to pocket and sensitive enough to be accurate if left there?
    Mine is the size of a matchbox and does work in my pocket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden View Post
    Okay, just curious . . . . if you had to pick just one new ability in the future Palm/Linux OS Treo what would it be?

    GPS (with mapping and location based service software)
    Something else

    Cheers, Perry.

    Perry, I would take GPS, my evdo is working fair now, of course wifi would be quicker. Just hope they give us both!
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    GPS -

    We have an internet connection already - we don't have any form of GPS w/o an expensive add on or setteling for google maps (a really awesome program BTW)

    Also - GPS can be used pretty much anyware. WiFi you'll need a hot spot - and a OS which can move smoothly between the regular Phone internet conncention and the wiFi connection.

    One more thing - I was tempted to choose 'other' : a Quality IM program. I miss verichat something terrible. I've tried Mundo (sp?) and IM+, and a few others. None are as good as Verichat. I loved having IM (AOl, MSN, & Yahoo) availve 24-7. How can the sidekick have IM so easily, built in, and the Treo doesn't ??

    Thanks for the Survey
    da Gimp

    Please note: My spelling sucks and I'm to lazy to check it.
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    i think the choice should be obvious - You can connect BT GPS to it easily, but you can't do the same with wifi- so wifi should be primary choice, also it doesn't matter, nobody is going to listen to us.
    P.S. Doesn't treo alredy have a GPS or GPS like device for E911 and all they need to do is to enable it to output data to simulated serial port in NMEA format ?
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    GPS for me please.
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    Comin in late but I will take GPS too. I agree that wherever I am likely to find WiFi, I have access to a laptop or desktop. I would like GPS as much for walking around cities as I would for int he car.....I would like it on my bike....and not having to carry around a separate donglie thing that prevents me from using my BT headset while the BT GPS is active. I also want to be able to locate job sites on maps and use the GPS mapping to annotate data about each site.

    Wifi has less then 1/1000th of 1% geographical coverage. If I am in someone's office I can ask to use a PC. If I am in a hotel, I can use my laptop. No I won't look as cool but I will get my work done 5 times faster than typing with my thumbs. No, I won't carry my laptop to Starbucks but if I am sitting in coffee joint long enough to do any type of written communications, I should get the hell of my arse and get back to work.

    As for battery life, I'm still on the once a week charge as I have been for almost 3 years with my 650. As a business tool, I certainly don't see a case for WIFi. Other people might, but not me. If I gotta type more than 4 sentences I aint doin it on a thumbpad. If it's less than 4 sentences, I can do it via phone.
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