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    If you ever wondered why things are the way they are at Palm, this article will give you good insight
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    My brain hurts.
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    I started reading it, but then the world ended.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tastypeppers View Post
    My brain hurts.


    Yes I agree, I started reading that article with a headache and now its almost migrain status.

    However the information in that article is amazing and wow!

    All the talent Palm once had? They Pi**ed it all away. Its depressing.

    Also, if Palm had just lincensed the FULL version of the original software where would we be? It originally had the ability to multitask.

    Sigh. My brain hurts but my stomach hurts worse.
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    Whatever the past, Palm appears to be on track now, given the Linux announcements and such. I've (again) become a great fan of Linux, since this announcement by Palm. How about typing "dial ########" on the CLI?

    So, Access, the only way now to recusitate APL is to release a 650/680/700p compatible updater for FREE. That would immediately increase their user base from zero to maybe a few thousands. It would also be a testing ground for APL.

    PS: I really like the pic, with ACCESS pointing backwards.

    Game over!
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    I like my Treo but if I didn't have to mush my ear up against the screen while talking, it would be oh so much better.

    I always feel like sterilizing my Treo after letting someone else make a call.

    EDIT: HAHA I misread the topic as being the Ergonomic Incompetence of Palm. Guess I should read carefully before posting.

    I had a ///e back in the day. Thankfully I never had to mush that up against my ear.
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