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    Hi folks. Lately my Treo 650 has a problem with the clock which freezes each time it is set, whether manually or via programme like World Clock. In bid to repair this, I have tried hard reset and restoring my Treo but unfortunately the problem applies to lie within which ever programme is causing the conflict.

    Is there a way I can just restore my contacts, dates, memo and SMS/text messages to a newly hard reset Treo without restoring the programmes associated (such as ZLauncher)? Then I can install them one by one to detect which is causing fault?

    Thanks for the advise.
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    Use the clean install procedure as when updating to a new model
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    that's great. sounds like exactly what I would need. will give it a try. much appreciated
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    The way I have always done it is I keep all my PRCs in a folder on my card with Filez & resco explorer installed on the card too. When I have to do a completely clean install I just use one of those apps to transfer whatever I need to RAM, and I use NVbackup to restore my databases, thereby completely avoiding the headaches of syncing.
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    This would also be a great time to install an installation monitoring application. The one I use is Uninstall Monitor (, another one is DeStaller (


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