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    I apologize if this has been addressed by the gurus previously.

    I have a 700p. In the past, if I deleted emails from my handheld, clicked on "delete messages from the server" and emptied the trash folder (updating server with deletions) -- when downloading emails on outlook later in the day, I would only see the undeleted emails (on handheld) download on my Outlook client/laptop.

    However, for the past few weeks I have been getting all the emails even though I have checked the option to delete them from the server as well as emptied the trash folder on the Treo before opening Outlook.

    It looks like the Treo is not deleting mails from the server.

    Has anybody got a fix for this? I get 200 + emails a day and it's really annoying downloading emails multiple times. :-)

    Appreciate your help in advance.
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    Is there a notification (I use the xpress system so not sure about outlook) to enable delete immediately?
    (xpress has this feature)
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    Unfortunately, I don't think this feature is available in Outlook.

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