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    I just downloaded the windows live program and set up a hotmail account. push hotmail to my treo really fast. pretty cool. but, i don't use hotmail and don't really want to. I use gmail and am exploring ways to push it to my 700wx. So far I've tried flexmail (didn't like) and pusheffect (which I like for the most part). But windows live seems pretty cool and push was much faster than with push effect.

    So, I set up the gmail account to forward to hotmail which gets pushed to my phone by windows really well. the only problem is that the "reply to" address is my new hotmail address and I obviusly don't want people replying to that address, I would prefer they reply to the gmail address. So...

    Is there anyway in pocket outlook to change the "reply to" address? It installed a windows live account in pocket outlook which is used for this whole scenario. If I could only now make it look like it is also being sent by gmail everything would finally fall into place. I tried to go into accounts in pocket outlook but it doesn't give you the option to change the "reply to" address for the windows live account.

    Any suggestions????
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    Quote Originally Posted by matthew23 View Post
    change the "reply to" field in the account setup screen
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    On the hotmail-side of things? I did that, I logged into and went to options and set the reply to address as my gmail acct. however, when I go to send an email from my treo it says its from my (windoes live) acct. I think it needs to be changed somehow on the device it self, not in hotmail...

    anyone know how to do this?
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    can you change the SMTP server?
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    I thought about that but in pocket outlook it doesn't really let you set the servers for the windows live account. (You install the windows live cab and it configures everything for you and when you go to change settings there is not that option). I don't think hotmail is push-abled by itself if I was to just make another account for the hotmail address without the windows live configurations....
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    Pocket Outlook doesn't let you set up a different "reply to" address as far as I know but I've only had the phone since Wednesday. I bought FlexMail 2007 and it has that option which is nice but it doesn't fetch my messages automatically unless the PDA portion of the phone is constantly on which is bothering me.

    If you find a solution let me know since I'm interested in this as well.

    Oh and automatic BCC too!

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