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    I got a 4gb sd card. YES!!!
    finally I can use ptunes again and get rid of the extra ipod.
    (btw I hate ptunes 4! what a waste)

    I will probably buy a nice earphone once I find the right one

    anything worth buying?
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    software wise, just bought dial by photo for my 650
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    8gb SD card

    REX REGINA cases...
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    TextPlus. I'm a horrible speller.
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    The last thing I bought for mine was fontsmoother.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TurboTiger View Post
    TextPlus. I'm a horrible speller.
    Me too! A graet product!

    As well, I just ordered the Aliph Jawbone Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset for the 30 day trial. . . .
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    Same here, I just got LexSpell & Treo Weather.
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    I bought a cradle for my windshield that I LOVE.

    I bought (again) a 4GB SD card.
    I bought a Naztech BTooth belt clip and its not quite right for my headset.

    Tons of software:
    NorthGlides NeatFreak pack
    Treo Desktop
    Bible software
    Acid Image (I like it only a little bit more than the default pic organizer)
    AutoFile Plus
    PassWords Plus (It isnt what I thought it would be, I thought it would "mine" my IE and get all my websites info that way)

    Next on my list are:
    That new battery Charger from Palm that looks sweet!
    The "Tooth Ferry" from nite eyez. As I said above I dont like the Naztech one for my headset and the tooth ferry looks a little better for my unit.
    To upgrade my BackupBuddy VFS to v4 and mabye also sign up for
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hdhntr23 View Post
    the tooth ferry looks a little better for my unit.
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    I hate it when they use teeth!


    Well done Christina
    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
    There is no spoon.
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    A custom Vaja iVo case.

    See my review here:
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    "What did you recently buy for your treo?"

    This thread title reminded me of when last Xmas I suddenly realised that I was buying presents for my Treo, in the same way you might buy one for your pet, just so it doesnt feel left out....

    It might sound crazy, but it was so worth it, the way it wagged its little antenna!

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    I just bought a ProClip mount for my treo, tried going the suction cup route, but the cup wears out in a year. The Pro Clip is awesome. Just drop and go. I also recently purchased Core Player and I can connect the Treo to my auxillary input to my stereo. Kinda my solution to in car dvd player for the passengers.
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    4 Gb card, and Globalsat BT-359 GPS receiver (Telenav ROCKS) hardware wise

    BackupBuddyVFS Pro Ver 4 and Par 72 Golf Software wise.
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    I just received the Palm cradle kit for my 700p. I got it from CDW for $40.00. So sleek and I like how the spare battery compartment is basically hidden behind the Treo. I can't believe I waited so long to buy it. Also bought Pocket Light, the NIV Bible and eMedic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hdhntr23 View Post
    I hate it when they use teeth!


    Well done Christina
    That'd give a whole new meaning to "The honeymoon's over..." huh?
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    Sena Leather magnet flipper case
    CallFilter (very useful!)
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    Palm OEM horizontal case
    2GB SD card
    Dial by Photo
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    Three new screen protectors. Just arrived today from Boxwave.
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    Helix holster...hmmm, yeah thats about it...
    ATT Treo 680 Crimson
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