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    Recently purchased Mundu IM, Mergic VPN. I love them both!
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    Purchased 3 Plantronics Explorer 320 Bluetooth Headset. One for me, two for my parents. They all sucked. Treo has to be real close to the headset, preferrably on the same side of the headset. I might as well be putting the Treo against my ear. At least my parents were happy.

    ---Forgot to add that I purchased a HOLUX GPSlim 240 Bluetooth GPS Receiver. IT IS NICE!!! Shorter than a stick of gum length-wise, thickness of an inch, width about a little more than an inch. Works well with TomTom 6. Also came with a Car Cradle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fkjr2 View Post
    Are you wearing a bra in your picture?

    sorry, um software I guess
    tank top! Treo camera

    Quote Originally Posted by JesseJstreet View Post
    Recently purchased Mundu IM, Mergic VPN. I love them both!
    how is Mundu IM?
    everyone is buying it now that my beloved Verichat is dead.

    I tried it a while ago and it keeps resetting when loading my buddy list. I tried it with another account that had fewer friends and it worked fine.

    I guess i have to buy it now since VC is dead.
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    just picked up a 4 gb sd card.
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    I bought the Neuros MPEG4 2+ recorder and a Transcend 4GB 150x SD card this week - dedicated just for watching recorded TV shows on my 700p (Verizon). I normally use a 2GBcard, but I also bought the SPE Clearcase with the SD card holder on the back so I could carry the 4GB card with me and swap it as I wanted to watch shows. I had to score out the card holder grooves on the case a little with an exacto knife to help the card fit better, but now it works like a charm. It replaces a Speck Skintight that I only had for 3 months before it stretched out and I had a 1/4" of rubber flapping around the bottom. It also had no cutout for the SD card so it would have been a pain to take the Teo out of it and switch out the cards constantly. I also bought the CorePlayer software for watching my shows.

    The Neuros/4GB card/Coreplayer combo work GREAT!! on my Treo. Now I don't have to carry my old Archos 480 around too - down to one device!
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    A pair of cradles (office / bedside) and a package of extra pen-stylii (too bad they don't come colour-coded to my colourful 680).
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    I thought TC was going to start selling a 3-pack of colored styli?
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    Vaja case.
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    I just bought a plantronics voyager 510. I'm going to test it for the noise reduction capabilities.
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    Pen styli
    Red Monaco leather case
    Screen protectors
    Resco Explorer
    Pocket Player
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    Absolutely nothing. I did buy a new grill.
    at&t iPhone3G
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    a new case&slingbox pro. Actually the sling.was more for my laptop but I waited until they had devel.the palm os software before I buy the sling..
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    Just got Softick Audio Gateway so I can listen to music on my bluetooth stereo headsets!
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    1 gb sd card. got the small size cuz it was practically free. an 8 gb sdhc isn't too far away.

    then of course ptunes to play all the files stored on said card and i'm sure other apps to follow.

    next up probably a spare battery or extra chargers to keep at work. just got mlb gameday audio.
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    selido 3200mah battery and love it. I can stay on aim all day and not kill my battery
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    A $5.00 hooker, wait that was for someone else
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    Kinoma Player 4 EX last week. Then I ordered the foofpod case, extra Palm 1200mAh battery, and headphone adapter for my new baby, aka Treo 680.
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    Spyder bluetooth stereo headset, Siedo Hybrid case, Pack of pen styli and a Jaso screen protector. Sent the headsets back...they didn't adjust and they pulled my hair out.
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    i recently armoured my treo 650 with an 8gb sdhc card and mvoice. now my treo is a card reader and a very efficient and good quality voice and phone-call recorder. i am so happy with what the good old 650 is capable of doing that i can rest relaxed and wait for the next treo to be released any time palm pleases to do so. i am not in the least bit of a hurry.
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    The only thing I've bought recently was a Siemens car kit from Woot which turned out to be junk. So I'm getting my Nokia fixed. Other than that, nothing for quite a while. Once the 755p comes out, I'm sure I'll end up getting plenty of goodies for it.
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