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    Hi folks, I've been digging around on the web trying to find out if anyone else is having problems post-Motorola buyout of GoodLink. No luck on the usual boards or news places, so I figured I would ask the Treo community here.

    My office was notified quite abruptly that our previous license agreement with Goodlink would not be honored by Motorola and that we would have to sign a new contract at a much higher rate: $20-30k more. For a small office with only about 20 Treo users, that's a huge jump and our budget folks said no way. Now my Treo is just a heavy camera phone.

    I realize this is just the way things go in the world of corporate buy-outs and maybe Motorla will get enough new contracts to cover all of us who will have to leave. But it's a shame that a good product like Goodlink is now out of reach for at least some of us who've relied on it for so long.
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    May I ask who you got this information from? We have not made any changes to our licensing structure since the acquisition.
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    I checked this info with our Good account manager and he said they are absolutely not changing license prices at this time. So im not sure what happened here. Unless your Good licenses were seriously out of compliance or you hadnt paid transport costs (usually paid to your carrier with a Good plan), and now theyre billing you to bring you into compliance on licenses.
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    Even seriously out of compliance, they would have to be 100's out of compliance to get to $20-30K. 20 users you are looking at $1400 for Client Access Licenses.

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