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    a couple questions (search didn't really help):

    how do i open .wmv/quicktime attachments in emails?
    i can't seem to see the attachment/file in the message (but i know it's there)let alone open them

    what would be a good way/program to set up a calender for paying bills?
    for example, every 15th would show my car insurance due and then after paying it i could check it off and be up to date until the following month

    thanks in advance
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    For bills I just use tasks, have the start date ~1week before the due date and set a reminder on the start date so I know it's coming up. I use PocketBreeze on my Today screen to help with this as I can see what I have coming up with appointments/meetings and tasks (both work and personal). I just recently started using categories to further organize myself.

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